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Cane Corso Merchandise 

Regal Blue Cane Corso


StoneCroft web page updated November 15, 2015


At StoneCroft,

-We are hopeful for a Winter litter from Zeus X Kora to be born at the end of November 2015.  Both of the parents are here on premises and they each have a their own web page full of pictures and information.  


Currently the puppies listed below are available:

cane corso


"MASON" (pictured below) is a beautiful, breed/show quality male available at Stormywinns Cane Corso in Maryland.  He is from two generations of hip tested parents with friendly, confident temperaments.  I have had the privilege of meeting Mason and his mom, Portia, and can say that both dogs have sweet, stable temperaments. Mason is growing up to be a great dog that will make a wonderful addition to a family or a breeding program.  He is 7 months old !!!!

Email Neesey for more information or to visit Mason:

cane corso




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